Looking to start the new year with a fresh colour palette? The 2019 colour forecast calls for new neutrals, restorative greens, and daring oranges. Here’s what industry experts are calling the dominant interior paint colour trends for the next 12 months.

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1. Dark Green

Deep, dusky greens have been gaining popularity for some time now, but 2018 was the year they truly emerged from the shadows as a mainstream design trend.

Now, moody green walls are increasingly used as a ‘dark neutral’ base for room styles ranging from minimalist and modern to stately and traditional. Dulux/PPG even embraced the elegant Night Watch as their 2019 Colour of the Year, signalling that deep, dark greens have a bright future yet.

Dark green interior paint is especially striking in rooms that receive ample sunlight, which highlights the changing character of the colour in various lights. It pairs beautifully with gold fixtures, marble surfaces, and jewel tones.

2. Mid-Tone Blue

“Warmer than denim, softer than navy” is how Behr describes their choice for 2019’s Colour of the Year: a medium blue called Blueprint.

The name stakes its place as a cool-toned slate on which to layer contrasting colours and designs. This versatile shade of blue is also a powerful accent colour, appearing in furniture and textiles as well as interior paint trends.

Blueprint (and colours like it) is a pleasing starting point for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

3. Muted Green

Nature is a reoccurring theme in this year’s paint colour trends. To that end, both HGTV Home and Dutch Boy Paints have chosen subtle, organic greens as their picks for 2019: Reflecting Pool and Garden Patch.

These adaptable greens can take on different characteristics with different accent colours. Pairing them with other natural hues evokes the calming, restorative power of the natural world; next vivid tones, these greens become energizing.

4. Optimistic Orange

In contrast to the all-white aesthetic that dominated design feeds last year, two major trendsetters have opted for bright orange tones as their flagship colours for 2019. The choice signals a daring, more optimistic design direction – and for many, a welcome departure from the safer choices of other colour companies.

Pantone’s Living Coral livens up subtler earth tones and adds a dash of warmth to cooler palettes. The same goes for Valspar’s Orange Slice, a citrus-inspired shade that leans closer to brown than red. Both make for stunning accent colours that add interest to otherwise-neutral spaces.

5. Neutral Grey

Though the differences are subtle, neutral shades do rise and fall with changing colour trends. Recently, for example, light greys have come to rival off-whites as the go-to neutral paint colours.

Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan continues that trend as rich, layered grey that brings out the soft side of blues, pinks and greens. This creamy colour extends the reach of natural and artificial light, making it ideal for small spaces and finished basements. What’s your pick for the most promising colour trend of 2019? Contact us to start planning your next painting project today!

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