8 Best Roller Brushes for Textured Walls + Tips for Painting

Painting your walls might seem easy enough, but the process can be a bit different if you have textured walls. There are many different painting tools available, including roller brushes specifically for textured surfaces. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to shopping for the right roller brush for textured walls. You need to […]

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Thin Paint Brushes for Walls: 6 Best + Tips to Avoid Streaks

Painting your walls actually requires more steps than you might have initially thought. With those steps comes a need for different tools to get the best results. For edges, cutting-in, and touch-ups, a good option is to use a thin brush. When selecting this type of brush, it’s important to know about your options, what […]

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8 Best Paint Brushes to Cut In Ceilings + Avoid Brush Marks

Repainting your ceiling might seem like a straightforward D.I.Y. project, but many don’t realize the steps needed in order to do so. One of those steps is called cutting in, which involves painting the edges and corners of your ceiling separately from the main surface. In order to keep your ceiling looking beautiful, you’ll want […]

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