paint before you sell

There are many steps to consider when you are selling your home. For example, it is imperative to address any long-standing issues, such as a leaking roof or failing pipes. However, an equal priority is the home’s cosmetic appearance.

One of the simplest, most cost-effective ways to make your home desirable to prospective buyers is a fresh coat of paint inside and outside. Here are four reasons why you should paint before you sell.

Positive First Impression

While there are quite a few factors at play when choosing a home, many buyers will actually decide within the first few seconds. That brief bit of time is enough for someone to choose whether they wish to invest any more serious consideration in a property.

On the other side of the coin, if a home makes an overwhelmingly positive impression in that initial encounter, the buyer is often willing to overlook certain flaws. While a home is an immense investment, emotional response plays a surprisingly key role in convincing people to commit.

Higher Asking Price

While specifics like location are significant, a home’s appearance and overall attractiveness often result in a greater selling price. This is particularly true if you choose widely preferred colours.

A Zillow study of 32,000 homes sold in 2017 revealed that light grey is a highly desirable choice for many different parts of a home. Choosing a shade of light grey resulted in a selling price much higher than what was expectated. This applies not only to kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms but also to the home’s exterior.

A new paint job is especially advisable if your current colours are a close match to your unique personality and tastes. Applying a new coat of something more neutral can better allow a prospective buyer to imagine living there. This is also true if the hues represent a look that is no longer current.

If buyers are considering several homes, that new paint job is often the factor that seals the deal. It represents one less thing that needs to be done before moving day. You can use that to your advantage in negotiations.

Instills Confidence in the Buyer

Providing a fresh dose of colour to your home is a strong suggestion to the buyer that this is a structure the owner cared about. While you still must go through the usual basic repairs and replacements, an attractive paint job provides the proverbial wrapping for the gift.

The exterior look is equally important. Curb appeal can be a key factor not only in getting people to investigate your home, but also providing that added incentive to buy.

More Attractive Listings

First impressions also apply to the listing created by your real estate agent. A fresh, appealing paint job means more attractive photos and videos for the company website, which leads to greater interest and a higher number of visitors.

Some may balk at the idea of spending money on something that they won’t be able to enjoy. However, a fresh paint job is an important investment for any seller and one that can bring a very handsome return.

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