Love the cabinets, but not the colour? Painting your cabinets is a great way to revitalize your kitchen on a budget. White kitchen cabinets are the dominant design trend, though you can experiment with bolder shades and tones as well.

Should I Paint My Kitchen Cabinets?

However, painted cabinets are not right for every kitchen. Whether or not you should paint your kitchen cabinets depends on your time, budget, and the quality of your cabinets. Here is what you should know before you pick up the paintbrush.

What is Your Budget?

When budgeting to paint your kitchen cabinets, prepare to spend a few hundred dollars on paint and supplies. Along with your paint and primer, the job will require a paintbrush, a small roller, a drop cloth, painter’s tape. Be sure to invest in a high quality paint able to withstand the flurry of a busy kitchen.

Whether you hire a pro or do it yourself, painting kitchen cabinets is always less expensive than replacing them. Since new cabinets take up 50% of the total budget for a kitchen renovation, painting the cabinets instead of replacing them can cut your renovation costs in half.

Do You Have Enough Time?

Painting the kitchen cabinets is not a simple afternoon project. You will have to set aside time to work on it over the course of several days. Before you begin, make sure you have time to complete each step without cutting corners.

To start, you must empty your cabinets and remove the doors, hinges, and hardware. You will have to clean each door thoroughly to remove kitchen grease and dirt, and then sand the surface to ensure the new paint will stick. With the doors and cabinets are prepped, you can start painting — but not before you put down a drop cloth and apply painter’s tape to protect your walls and backsplash. Finally, once you have primed and painted, you have to put everything back in place.

If you do not have time to do it yourself, consider hiring a professional painter to paint your kitchen cabinets for you.

Are Your Old Cabinets Worth It?

A fresh coat of paint can make old cabinets look like new. However, paint can only go so far. There are times when replacing your kitchen cabinets is a wiser investment than painting them.

Not even a flawless paint job can fix poor quality cabinets. If your kitchen cabinets are already worn out, it may not be worth investing in a makeover. Sagging shelves, loose drawers, and warped wood are all signs your cabinets need more than a touch-up.

You should also think about the structure and layout of your current cabinets. Painting your kitchen cabinets will not, unfortunately, give you more storage or counter space. If you are unhappy with more than the colour, you may wish to budget for a full renovation instead. Are you looking to revitalize your kitchen on a budget? All it takes is a fresh coat of paint! Contact the pros at City Painters for a free quote on your next painting project.

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