While most experienced painters can free-hand their cut lines, most do-it-yourselfers will need to tape before they start a painting project to achieve clean lines. Tape should be applied on wall and ceiling edges and around trim and molding.  There are a number of different kinds of tape that are sold in stores these days which can make deciding which one is right for you a little daunting.

Masking tape is normally used for painting projects however in recent years, the use of painter’s tape has increased. Painter’s tape helps reduce paint bleed and is easier to remove than normal masking tape. Painter’s tape is a little more expensive when compared to regular masking tape but the final product will be worth it.

At The City Painters we normally freehand our work however for those tight areas we always use a painter’s tape like Frog Tape®. This enables us to achieve sharp lines without having to worry about what the area will look like when we peel off the tape.

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