10 Cool Accent Walls

Last updated: September 23, 2016

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Somewhere in your home, there’s an accent wall waiting to happen. Accent walls are the simplest and most affordable way to spice up an ordinary room. Plus, you can experiment with new wall colors and textures without a big commitment. These ten trendy accent walls will inspire you to try it yourself.


The vertical stripes in this bedroom give the impression of high ceilings. This design brings subtle order without breaking the tranquility of the space.

Striped featured wall

Image VIA Lucy & Company

Stripes are stunning in their simplicity. If you want to start small, stripes are less overwhelming than other patterns.

Vertical striped feature wall


Wooden Accent Wall


Natural and versatile, wood accent walls bring rustic beauty into a home. Diverse tones and textures offers endless possibilities. Wood accent walls feel at home anywhere, from traditional family rooms to contemporary bedrooms.

Image via Interiors Group of SW

In this example, dark wood adds rich earth tones to a soft, white room.

Bold Color

Red featured wall

Image via Ohashi Design

Your wall is a blank canvas. A can of paint can transform an ordinary room into something special in no time. Adding a splash of bold color accentuates a room without overpowering it.

Kitchen blue bold accent wall

Image via Chris Nook


A handpicked quote makes a space feel authentic. The bold lettering instantly draws the eye. If you lack a steady hand, you can use decals instead of paint.

Featured wall quote bedroom

Image via Stanley Martin Homes

Image via Stanley Martin Homes

This simple statement adds a drop of inspiration to a functional wall. It stands out against the dark background.


A stencil turned this plain, grey wall into an eye-catcher. The airy design softens the harsh angles of the décor.

Stenciled wall

Image via Modern Design

Image via Modern Design

Stencils offer the beauty of wallpaper without the cost or commitment. Use stenciled patterns to create a seamless, dramatic look. You can pattern the whole wall, or make a few choice marks to highlight one area.


Let the bricks do the work for you! Trendy, exposed brick is an accent all on its own. If you aren’t into the rustic look, paint it to match the other walls as a subtle texture accent.

Image via Kraemer & Sons

In this elegant living room, the featured brick wall adds a rustic touch to a modern, comfy space. The contrasting, dark floors and furniture give balance to a room that is perfect for relaxing with a book after a long day at work.

Brick Featured Wall 2

Image via HOUZZ