Below you’ll find a list of tips and tricks that we have accumulated as professional painters that will help you.

  • Preparation of the surface area being painted is the most important step in the painting process. Make sure the area is cleaned, patched and sanded properly prior to applying any paint on the walls.• If you’re painting the walls, ceiling, trim and baseboards in a room, it is best to paint the trim first followed by the ceilings, walls and then finally the baseboards.

    • Use cotton drop clothes rather than plastic ones. Cotton drop cloths stay put better and paint spills tend to dry faster on cotton rather than plastic. Cotton is also not as slippery as plastic so it’s safer for standing on.

    • If you’re changing your room colour drastically, try first priming the area with a tinted primer. The paint store can tint the primer in a colour similar to your final colour choice which will reduce the amount of coats you will need to apply. This works best for deep coloured paints.

    • Know when to bring in a professional. When painting and area, you may find that you are unable to reach certain areas or some areas are more difficult to paint than you had anticipated (i.e. trim and woodwork).  In these situations, it is best to bring in a professional painter to ensure that the area is painted properly and reduce the risk of injury associated with reaching hard-to-paint areas.

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