7 Cool Ways To Display Photos

Last updated: May 29, 2017

A white sofa with a navy painted wall behind it, displaying different sized frames, signs, and mirrors

As they say, a photo is worth a thousand words. Every photo is a memory, even if it is just an uneventful walk through your neighborhood.

When you take photographs, what do you do with them? Do you let them sit on your camera? Are you tired of simply sliding them into a photo album? If you are looking for ways to display your photos, look no further. Here are about seven cool ways to display photos, breathing new life into your memories.

Create a Low Wall Display

Do you have young children? Do they like to create art or take some pictures of their own? You can easily create a low wall display so they can enjoy the art on the walls as well. You can style such a display using a bulletin board and push pins or try using a string and clips to put up the pictures.

Put Your Photos On Canvas

If you have a few photographs you really love, consider finding a local service that will put your photos on canvas. Many will let you pick your size, so you can even blow up high-quality photos quite big! Canvas mounted photos can be beautiful—many even say their canvas photos look like paintings! Popular places to hang canvas art including over the couch in your living room, above the head of your bed, or even near your dining room table.

Mix and Match

If you have multiple photos you want to display, why not consider mixing and matching the frame styles and create an eclectic wall of art? Your frames do not have to be the same in order to display a bunch of photos on the same wall. Different styles can complement one another, especially if you have a theme in the photos you are displaying. Maybe you are making a wall of your loved ones or landscape shots of an overseas trip. The similar theme in the photos will help blend your differing frames together.

Create a Collage

How many photos do you have? If you have lots, creating a collage may just be the coolest way to display them all. You can use frames to separate them, or do away with the frame and put them up so each photo touches another. Should you choose this option, you can edit your pictures on your computer and then print off the collage to post or even purchase an extra-large clear frame to put many smaller photos inside before hanging it on the wall.

Shelve the Frames

Instead of going the traditional route and hanging your pictures in their frames, why not create some shelves and lean your frames on them? You can display photos of different sizes and different frames—the choice is yours! Some of the frames could be right against the wall, and others can have their own support build into the frames. Get your mind whirring with possibilities!

Hang On Strings and Pegs

When someone develops photographs in a dark room, one of the most popular ways of drying them is to hang them on strings with some pegs. Why not carry that strategy further and try it on your walls? Hanging your photos this way will likely provide a homespun, country-style feel to the room.

Frame in Old Window

One popular way of framing photos is to use old window frames and adapt them into picture frames before placing your photos inside and hanging it on your walls. Once again, this will provide a country-style, homespun, and even vintage look to your photos, which makes it a cool way to display black and white photographs!