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Last updated: December 17, 2018

Condo living room with black/metal chair, sofa with pillows, and area rug

Your new condo is a blank slate. How should you paint all the rooms? When you want to update your condo, what are the winning colour combinations to make it pop?

Different rooms have different vibes, so we can help you figure out great paint colours that will resonate. Let’s take a trip room-by-room to see what paint colour combinations will elevate your design style.


Bathrooms tend to follow a light, airy theme – a place where you can relax, but bright enough to motivate you to get ready in the morning.

Grey, yellow, and white

Choosing to paint your walls a light grey, with white baseboards and soft yellow accents, is a great colour combination for an airy, bright room. These colours complement each other well and can be incorporated into different variations.

Feeling risky? Flip the colours and paint your walls a soft yellow instead. Not quite that confident in the colour? A white room with a yellow accent wall is a perfect colour balance.

Light blue, beige, and white

Our favourite theme for a bathroom by far is the beach. We already have the water, so let’s complete the picture!

Paint your walls a light baby blue and pair your room accents with beige and white. You have your sand, sky, water and clouds. A light, beachy bathroom sets a relaxing tone and is simple to achieve.

More conservative with colour? Paint your walls a beige and swap the accents for a light blue.


Your bedroom is a great place to experiment with colours since it is your space and most guests will not enter. Take this chance to test out wilder colours that you have always wanted to try. Have fun with it!

Navy blue, light pink, and white

Trying to find a mix of masculine and feminine? Navy blue and a blush pink pair the best of both worlds.

Now, don’t be scared off when I suggest painting your walls navy blue. Yes, it’s dark, but we can’t forget the magic word – accent wall. Paint the wall behind your headboard for a dramatic look, but pair your accents with blush pinks and creamy whites to find a restful balance.

Navy blue, emerald green and white

Another great navy colour combination, but this option is for those who would rather stay away from pink. This colour combination still brings drama to the room with a more conservative feel.

Paint an accent wall of deep green or navy blue. Choose a creamy white for the other walls and accents to bring some light to the space. Add some plants as an easy way to compliment the green in this colour combination!

Living Room

Your living room is about finding a balance of fun and reserved. You want it to represent your style and be a welcoming place to entertain guests.

Red, grey, and white

The colour red doesn’t always represent anger. If you choose a ruby or a crimson red for your accents, the shade can set a warm tone for your living room.

If your living room is well-lit, pair the red accents with medium-dark grey walls to match the deep, warm tones. Paint your baseboards white and invest in light furniture to give your living room a relaxing yet stylish vibe.

Grey, white, and pops of colour

Are you a fan of bold colours but don’t want to commit to them for your living room? A grey backdrop is your best friend.

  • Step 1: Find a light grey paint for your walls. It creates a warmer slate to balance out your bold colour accents.
  • Step 2: Find some neutral furniture, preferably a tad darker than your wall paint colour.
  • Step 3: Have fun with colourful accents! Express your personality through your accent colours in a welcoming living room with a neutral backdrop.


PSA: Your kitchen doesn’t have to be white or grey!

Light grey, navy, light blue

The wonderful thing about kitchens is you can paint the cabinets as easily as the walls, creating endless possibilities of colour combinations.

Mixing grey with light and dark blues creates a beautiful kitchen – but what is the best way to execute it? Navy blue makes an excellent accent wall, preferably on a cabinet or stove-free wall with a fair-coloured hutch as a focal point. Paint the rest of your walls a light grey, which leaves room to experiment with light blue cabinets or mixing light blue accents within a neutral kitchen.

Bonus tip: this colour combination looks amazing with brass hardware!

Sage green, white, and green-infused greys

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and would like a calm environment, this colour combination is the one for you!

Pairing a sage green with light and dark greys (preferably greys with a green undertone) creates the perfect tranquil environment. If your kitchen is neutral, you can get away with painting all your walls a sage green and sprinkling shades greys throughout this space. If you made the leap to soft green cabinets, light grey walls would be the perfect combination with white and dark grey accents.

The best thing about this colour combination is that it can be adventurous but tranquil; muted, yet not boring. Doing the dishes will never be stressful again!

Take the Plunge

Now that you have an idea of what colour combinations to use for your condo, take the plunge and start reinvigorating your space! Let us help make it easier on you and contact us for a sleek and professional condo painting job and transform your condo today.