What Colour of Paint Should I Use?

Choosing a paint colour can be a daunting task and hiring a decorator can be costly. There are thousands of colours to choose from some are so similar the naked eye can hardly tell the difference. Below are a list of tips for choosing the right colour. Avoid bright or energetic colours in bedroom (unless […]

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How to Prepare a Room Prior to Painting

One of the hardest parts about painting a room is actually the prep work that is done before painting. The look and adhesion of the paint being applied to a surface is greatly dependent on the condition of that surface prior to painting. The 3 steps below will discuss the steps needed in order to […]

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Exterior Painting Tips

A fresh coat of paint can make a faded house look fresh again however, it is important to note that painting exterior surfaces is not the same as painting interior surfaces. Exterior painting offers different challenges and can often be tricky to do. Below are a list of tips and tricks to help make painting […]

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What are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)?

Some of the most harmful chemicals found in paint are called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are carbon based solvents that help make paint spreadable and make it stick to walls. As paint dries, VOC’s are released into the air at high levels. These VOCs enter the air and react with other elements and can […]

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How to Choose the Right Paint Finish

Choosing the perfect colour is just one step in choosing the right paint for a room. One other and often overlooked step is choosing the right finish for the room. We will discuss the different finish options below: Flat/Matte Finish This finish is normally used on interior wall surfaces and provides a finish that is […]

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